Vinyl Fence Systems (PVC Fence Systems)

Master Halco’s Legend line of premium vinyl fencing is a sophisticated combination of tradition and technology.

Constructed of high-tech polyvinyl compounds, Legend fencing is virtually maintenance-free. You’ll never have to worry about painting, rotting, warping, termites, corrosion or rust.

Master Halco guarantees it-by backing every Legend fence with a lifetime, limited warranty. A heavier wall post and rail configuration resists pullout better and fastens components more securely.

Legend fencing will retain its beautiful appearance, enhancing the value of your property for years to come. Vinyl fence comes in many styles and sizes and is available in white, tan or gray. By choosing from a variety of post caps you can further customize your fence.

Post and Rail Vinyl Fence Systems

These traditional styles combining square posts with dimensional rails are available for both yards and pastures and are made of premium vinyl.

Residential Vinyl Fence Systems

A large variety of durable vinyl fence styles let you accent, protect, or add privacy to your home while beautifying your property for years to come.